The Basque Waistline Makes a Bee Waist

The basque waist wedding dress is a special and unusual outfit for the bride. This decorative element not only gives femininity to the silhouette but also helps to hide certain flaws. We inherited this accessory from the Basques, in whose country it was part of a man's suit. Before choosing a dress with basques, you need to understand for whom it suits well and what fabrics emphasize the peculiarity of it.

For tall and thin women, the basque bodice adds splendor to the thighs and emphasizes the waistline. If you want to hide a small lush tummy, the basque starts just above the waistline and ends in the middle of the thighs. This decorative element will also suit short women, but it is necessary to remember high heels for this occasion. A small wavy basque also helps to hide the splendor of the thighs, not just emphasize it. It all depends on our tailoring skills, which will delight you.

Basque waistline wedding dresses have a frill at the waist as an independent decorative element. Therefore, you should not overload the image with a hat, gloves, or a lush veil. Basque is sewn from the same fabrics as the top. For example, it can be a lace fabric. Contrasting combinations look good when the chiffon skirt is framed with a satin or silk basque. In any case, this wedding dress basque waist will add femininity and features.