Strapped Wedding Dress by Threads - an Emphasized Fragility

What accents can further declare the femininity of the bride's image? What lines will add lightness and a seductive silhouette? A wedding dress with a strap looks like threads with precious stones, creating an incredible outfit. This will emphasize the beautiful clavicle line and will look especially good on tanned velvet skin. There is no need for additional jewelry around the neck. Only a small diamond drop can be added to the natural beauty and attentive care.

Lace straps will add special charms. It seems as if the dress is held on fragile shoulders due to the wavy lines of a mysterious pattern. This effect adds even more lightness to strap wedding gowns made of natural fabrics. Strapped wedding dresses allow brides to be sure that the dress has extra support. Such a model solution adds confidence and comfort.

It is good to choose wedding dresses with straps like spaghetti when you have narrow shoulders. A large number of delicate threads will spill over the shoulders of the bride during the movement, which will add a nice tickle and zest to the top of the dress. But you need to choose one thing, or lace, or spaghetti strap. Wedding dresses created for your individual orders are always the perfect solution.