Bra Cups Sewn into Wedding Dress – the Perfect Solution

Choosing a bra with a wedding dress is not an easy task. The model of the bra is selected for a specific style of the dress. The bra should not only accompany the upper lines of the dress but also remain invisible, performing its important function. The luxury of a wedding dress is always noticeable from the outside, but valuable lingerie is like a hidden treasure. That is why the wedding dress with a built-in bra is always a perfect solution.

Built-in bra in a wedding dress should be of rigid construction and hold the breasts well. This is a good choice for a strapless dress. When the model fits snugly to the body, the seams of the underwear should be unwitnessed, especially when it’s the wedding dress cups. When your dress has an open back, then a bra with straps that intersect at the waistline is the best. This option holds the breasts very well.

For the effect of a lush bust, you can choose push-up models, the so-called aqua bra. The only disadvantage of these models is their heavyweight, which can be an additional burden on the back. Silicone strips help the bra hold securely. On the other hand, if you want to hide the natural full shape of the breast, a tightening model will fit you. This is a tight ribbon made of dense fabrics with two perpendicular seams to tighten the chest better.

In any case, the bra cup dress should fit harmonious. Therefore, a wedding dress sew in cups is perfect for you when all the little things are made directly for you by a master.