Luxury and Simple Satin Wedding Dresses

A luxury satin wedding dress is the dream of many girls. The dress can be made entirely of satin or combined with another fabric. Satin wedding gowns with a satin top and a light chiffon skirt look beautiful.

A satin a-line wedding dress in the Greek style will make the bride-to-be look like an antique beauty. A satin mermaid wedding dress with open shoulders successfully emphasizes the merits of a slim figure. Satin mermaid wedding dresses have become more popular in recent years. Satin blends beautifully with lace. A dress with a lace top will make the image of the bride innocent and sexy at the same time. For the cold season, you can choose a closed dress with lace sleeves.

There are a variety of necklines: round, square, heart-shaped. All satin dresses look stylishly, for example, the models with a high neck and open back are the best for tall brides.

How to choose a satin wedding dress?

When choosing a dress from satin, consider the features of the figure and the wedding season. If the wedding takes place in the cool season, take a closer look at the dense two-way atlas. For the hot seasons, it is better to choose a thin fabric made from natural fibers: silk, viscose.

Plump brides should be more careful about satin dresses. Due to its well-known brilliance, this type of gown can emphasize the flaws of the figure. If you still want to choose a satin dress, stop at the universal A silhouette. If the bust is small, then the top may be from satin and the bottom from another fabric. This style is also beautiful for pregnant women.

It is not necessary that the color of the dress is snow-white. Different shades of cream, champagne, ivory, etc. are in trend nowadays.