Silk-Batiste Wedding Gown - The True Aristocracy

The impeccable silkiness and lightness of a batiste dress can only be compared with the touch of a warm wind, and the beauty of the patterns applied with the skillful hand of a Venetian lace master. Thanks to Indian merchants, European court ladies from the 13th century sewed luxurious ball gowns and silk-batiste lingerie. The highest quality and durability fabric is produced in Northern France and Belgium from the finest linen yarns, the so-called «lin ram ó» - the thinnest thread. This fabric from Valenciennes and Cambrai is historically considered the best, as it is made by hand, because in another case - the factory production doesn't give that valuable gloss.

Batiste wedding dress is an example of the luxury, sophisticated, and noble taste of its owner. A thin and delicate dress with a delightful pattern will perfectly complement the image of a noble bride. Chantilly lace, the fashion for which was brought from northern Italy by Catherine de Medici, began to be produced together with linen batiste (cambric). Intricate jewelry designs made of silk thread emphasize the bride's belonging and the height of her inner dignity. The batiste gown with the lace will cause awe of the aristocratic image of the bride.