Cropped Top Gown – a Stylish Solution

To emphasize femininity and sensuality, try to show the waistline. Crop top wedding dress is an unusual and very interesting solution. Such a dress will be chosen only by a brave bride who is not afraid to look vulnerable and open. Crop top wedding gown will gently add innocence and purity to your look, highlighting the playful youth.

Сropped wedding dresses allow you to combine different fabrics and silhouettes.

- Top and a tight sheath skirt.

- Lace cropped sweater and skirt made of thin, airy fabric.

- Top and fluffy bottom with crinoline or mesh petticoats.

- Top with jewels, beads, or embroidery in combination with a laconic smooth skirt.

- Modest top with chiffon cascades of a long skirt and others.

Crop top bridal gowns are perfect for tall and skinny brides, with an accent on the thin waist. You can complement the dress with your favorite accessories. The only thing that you should not wear is a luxurious veil, which will distract from the highlight of the dress.