Modern Wedding Dresses for Modern Brides-to-be

Modern as an independent style was formed at the end of the nineteenth century. Chrysanthemum, orchid, and lily are not just flowers, but a kind of prototype of the Art Modern era for women's clothing. The visual accent in dresses of this style is made on the waistline. Cute modern wedding dresses are given a specific S-shape by clearly dividing the figure into two parts, while attention is drawn to the upper part by means of lapping on the breast. And on the lower part, in line, attention was attracted with the help of an expanded skirt. However, at some point, the Art Modern style took a huge step towards a more comfortable dress, abandoning corsets, giving it a simple straight cut, positively emphasizing the natural female figure.
Art Modern style in a modern wedding dress is not only a silhouette. Different parts of the decor are important here. Modern bridal dresses should be decorated with drawings, embroidery, and even appliqu├ęs. The most popular themes in dress decoration are flowers, leaves, etc. Patterns should not be applied symmetrically to the dress. The fabrics used for sewing a dress in the Art Modern style are sure to be adorned with beads and other decorations. Big round hats and large jewelry complete the image. An important role in creating a complete image is played by shoes. Shoes, according to the classical requirements of the style, must be suede, leather, silk, decorated with bows, buckles.
Without doubts, contemporary wedding dresses are represented in different collections of the most famous designers. Various modern unique wedding dresses are attractive for modern ladies. They underline the beauty and femininity of the lady.