Rustic Country Wedding Dress – Back to Nature

What are the accents of wedding dresses for a rustic wedding? Simplicity, naturalness, refined carelessness is the main idea of the image. The main venue for a rustic wedding is a country house, a villa in the countryside, a farm, or just a light fabric tent decorated with flowers in an open area. The best decoration will be nature itself.

That is why these simple rustic wedding dresses convey calmness and dimension. The scent of a fresh meadow and the breeze in the shade of a dense forest create a sentimental mood. Natural colors, an abundance of greenery, and fresh wildflowers are the main decoration of the ceremony.

These rustic wedding gowns are cut from light flowing fabrics, soft draperies. Such dresses do not need rich decor, shine, complex corset elements. The naturalness, simplicity, and comfort of rustic style wedding dresses are in harmony with nature itself. Luxurious decorations will be superfluous here. Loose hair, braids with loose strands, wreaths, and decorations from fresh wildflowers will look much more beautiful. Rustic bridal gowns will beautifully emphasize cornflowers, daisies, dahlias, bells, spikelets in the bride's bouquet.