Empire Waisted Wedding Gowns - The Legacy of the Ancient Gods

The silhouette of an empire dress cannot be confused with any other style. High waist with a waterfall of light fabric and neatly accentuated breasts - these are the main lines of the divine image. The wedding dresses empire waistline returned to fashion by French fashion designers at the beginning of the last century as an imitation of the gowns of the divine galaxy of the ancient world. To emphasize the belonging of the aristocratic bride to the upper class, they decided to call on the luxury of the ancient heritage for help. The lace empire waist wedding dress should bring the image of the bride closer to the heavenly and divine. A light, flowing skirt creates a sense of comfort and freedom, while the top of the dress is highlighted and dignified.

This cut of the high waistline wedding dress allows you to visually add height due to the simplicity of the lines. The elegance and femininity of this model are especially suitable for pregnant brides. The tenderness of the light fabric of the skirt will not hinder movement and will allow the future mother to feel comfortable. And the neckline of the dress will beautifully raise lush breasts. For this case, we are pleased to offer the plus size empire waist wedding dresses, that you feel your own peculiarity instead of imaginary shortcomings.

The empire waist wedding dresses with sleeves are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. In a rich garden, outdoors, or by the sea, your delicate skin may need extra protection from wind and sun. Such dresses are perfect for closed ceremonies indoors, when the aristocratic architecture, decorated with an abundance of flowers, obliges the bride to be somewhat modest. At the same time, the modesty of the bride should be decorated with lace, and in this case, the chiffon empire waist wedding dress will help. If you find it difficult to choose a dress among the abundance of proposals, a high waisted wedding dresses are always a win.