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Our team has been making custom dresses since 2010. For the last 4 years all our brides are from abroad and order their dresses remotely. We are focused on making couture garments for women, who prefer detail-oriented handicrafts instead of low quality fast fashion. Also, our service is a solution for those women, who have specific preferences and need a one-and-only dress. Cathy Telle garment will become your family relic. Our motto is ‘‎A dress worth saving for your daughter’.‎


Explore our designs.

We make dresses by individual measurements, with regard to your body features, your height and to guarantee the best fit. Therefore for each client we create an individual template and develop the optimal product design.

To personalize the process of making a dress we suggest including an important meaningful detail. This can be your mother’s lacing with embroidery or perhaps a whole detail of her dress – something that you inherited from a loved one and will be meaningful for you as your dress’s element.

The basic model can be slightly modified by design and color.

Experience the emotion of designed dress just for you

For the brides who need a very special garment and excited to be involved into making process we offer a custom design service. It includes:

  • creating detailed realistic sketches based on bride’‎s preferences and references
  • fabric research among world providers & fabric dyeing into necessary color,  shipping of fabric samples for the confirmation
  • making of lace & hand decorated fabric design – based on custom ornament which includes bride’‎s favorite flowers or other elements, names, important words, etc.
  • up to 3 test garments during making process will be sent to confirm and upgrade every single detail
  • designer’s assistance and photo reports during making process
  • making and shipping of the  final dress and the sketch to remember the process


Distant tailoring

Our brand specializes in distant tailoring and the absence of personal contact. We have done everything to insure that the tailoring and receiving a dress becomes easy, clear and pleasant. Our team is fully committed for the bride to get the same result and the level of service as with face-to-face contact.

After all the details are finalized, we develop and send you a test product. This decision is the product of many years of work and has become our best practice in the sphere of individual tailoring. A test product is a layout of your dress, made with special fabric, which gives you an opportunity to try it on in the comfort of your home and send it back to us with all the necessary changes. The final template of the client is developed based on the test product with all the changes, which guarantees the final result, a perfect fit and complete comfort.

Making of Cathy Telle wedding dress